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    3. 外教評價


      Foreigner HR must be one of the best recruiting agencies I have ever come across. Especially when there is never a feeling of doubt when working with someone.


      My name is Dylan and I am from South Africa. I am currently living and working in Beijing. It is always a bit nerve wrecking when deciding and then finally moving to another country. So many questions go through your mind. However, my experience with Foreigner HR was nothing less then comfortable and reassuring. The entire process from the day I was contacted by Peter was effortless and surprisingly quick.

      I was contacted by Peter exactly a day after I submitted my International Resume. The entire interview process was over Skype and was painless and very very informative. Peter politely explained how everything would work and what I would need to do in order to get myself to Beijing. He was in contact with me from day one up until the day I arrived. He was efficient and extremely helpful, guiding me through the process step by step.


      The day I arrived in Beijing Foreigner HR had already organized an assistant to meet me at the airport. The assistant I met was Avery. She was polite, friendly and helpful. She accompanied me to my apartment which was also arranged well in advance. She then took the extra initiative to help me get settled with basics that I would need in my apartment, such as a sim card, bedding, food, toiletries and any other necessitates that I needed. Before leaving for the day Avery explained what would be on my agenda for the next day so that I could be well prepared.    


      The next day another assistant met me at my apartment. Her name was Rita. A very happy and energetic assistant who was there to take me to my job interviews that Foreigner HR had also set up in advance awaiting my arrival. Rita was an amazing asset. She taught me how to take the subway and find my way around. She was extremely eager to help. First we quickly and effortlessly had my Chinese Bank Account taken care of. Next we were off to the job interviews. Rita walked me through the entire process, explaining how things work and how long they would take. The entire day was blissful. I know that traveling around could be tiresome, but Rita made it feel as fun as possible.


      The job interview process was one of the best working experiences I have ever had. Everyone was polite and friendly. You are told on the spot whether or not you have secured the position, which I feel is incredible. There is no need for waiting around and giving your nerves the courage to overwhelm you. Once a job was selected I was helped further in the explanation of what the job entailed.


      My entire experience so far with the company Foreigner HR has been blissful, exciting and surprisingly fun. I would definitely recommend any one who is interested in teaching in China to contact Foreigner HR. The decision will never ever become a regret and your experience of being in China will be enhanced buy how friendly and supporting everyone at Foreigner HR is. 

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