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    3. 外教評價

      Dianne ScottHi

      my name is Dianne and I come from South Africa. I have been an English teacher for many many years. And I decided to come to China because its a really interesting place and also therere lots of great teaching opportunities available. And when I came here, uh Ive been there for about two months and when I came here, Rosie and Rita pays me in a very nice kindergarten school in a nice area of Beijing, so Im very very happy with that. And they were also there for me to help me with my visa paper work. So anytime I needed to solve out thing like we just doing in the resource such as visas, they were there to help me. They also helped me with things like my apartment, getting a phone and going to a doctor when I needed to. So whenever I need them, all I had to do was to pick up the phone and calling or wechatting and they will be willing to help me. So they are helpful to look after me. Thank you.

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