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    3. 公司新聞



        When learning oral English, it's best to have a certain foundation to create a good learning environment for yourself. In addition, if you persevere in learning, you will be able to learn oral English well. The following foreign teacher recruitment network will share with you how to improve oral English?


        1、 Fundamentals of English


        Dialogue and communication learning of any language starts from the foundation, and learning oral English is the same. Oral English learning can be carried out only with a strong vocabulary, sentence grammar and other infrastructure. Otherwise, in the process of learning, communication difficulties due to lack of foundation will affect learning efficiency and self-confidence, Therefore, the foundation of oral English is a very key factor.


        2、 Learning methods


        Although there is no shortcut to oral English learning, appropriate learning methods can improve learning efficiency, shorten the learning curve, and make it difficult for many children's shoes to retreat. Therefore, methods are also very key to oral English learning. Therefore, we must choose the corresponding learning methods in combination with our own learning foundation in the process of oral English learning, Only the method that fully conforms to their own learning habits and learning characteristics is the most suitable oral learning method.


        3、 Learning environment


        Oral English is different from exam oriented teaching. It is basically based on dialogue and communication. Imagine how we learned Chinese well when we were young. We relied on the edification of the long-term learning environment and learned it slowly. This is also the importance of the learning environment to oral English learning. Therefore, if conditions permit, we can choose to sign up for a foreign teacher class to solidify our study every day, The natural effect will also be more obvious.


        4、 Insist on not giving up


        It should be said that any learning process is boring. If you don't find a point of interest, learning is unsustainable, and the most taboo is fishing for three days and drying the net for two days. Therefore, you must insist on learning oral English, so as to see the effect and find ways to develop good learning habits, For example, set periodic goals and rewards for yourself, or find like-minded friends to study together and keep learning motivation.