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    3. 公司新聞



        Oral English is very important in practical application. What are the effective ways to learn oral English?


        1、 Do more listening and speaking exercise


        How to speak English fluently with others? Listening is a very important process in the dialogue. If you can't correctly understand the meaning of the other party, the dialogue can't be established. Even if you can't understand the other party's meaning fluently and correctly, it's useless.


        2、 Cultivate English thinking


        The communication thinking of Chinese people is very different from that of Americans. Chinese people speak more euphemistically and Americans speak more directly. Different words also have different meanings on different occasions. These little knowledge can only be mastered through a lot of accumulation and contact. We can read more English literary works and even novels, Pick out a good passage from the novel and write it in your notebook. Usually read more.


        3、 Create English language environment


        English language environment is a very important part of learning oral English. You can join some English forums on the Internet to find like-minded people, share learning experience, communicate in English through instant messaging tools such as wechat, or attend English gatherings regularly. Communicate with others at gatherings. Don't be afraid of making mistakes, Everyone came step by step. Through various ways to keep yourself in the English language environment for a long time, I believe your oral English will gradually improve.


        4、 Participate in oral English online class


        In fact, self-study is a very hard thing, and most people can't stick to it. You also hope to have a good result when learning English. Taking online classes has become the choice of most people. When choosing an institution, you should pay attention to the teaching qualification of the institution, whether the foreign teachers are professional, whether the course is suitable for you, and whether online or offline learning, Go to the next experience class and compare several companies making decisions.