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    3. 公司新聞



        Formal foreign teacher courses are very helpful for us to learn English. There are so many foreign teacher networks on the market. How should we choose?


        1. Select foreign teachers through online course institutions


        If an individual looks for an online adult English one-to-one foreign teacher online like looking for a needle in a haystack, it will waste more time and energy, and may meet a liar. However, it will save time and effort to find a one-to-one adult English foreign teacher in a reliable English online class institution, and it is also easy to find high-quality teachers.


        2. Do not blindly believe in the nationality of foreign teachers


        Many people naively believe that the spoken English of foreign teachers in Britain or the United States must be pure and authentic, and foreign teachers in other European and American countries have accents. In fact, many Philippine foreign teachers have fluent oral standards, novel teaching methods, and the course price is close to the people. Therefore, when students choose a one-to-one adult English foreign teacher, they should not look at the nationality of the foreign teacher, but the level of the foreign teacher.


        3. Online adult English is good one-on-one


        Many professionals have to work during the day and work overtime at night, so they are very busy. It's best to choose an online one-to-one adult English foreign teacher, so that you can have classes at home, in the subway and in the library, which is very convenient and free.


        Moreover, the tuition fees of online one-to-one adult English foreign teachers will be much lower than those of offline adult English one-to-one foreign teachers. After all, online one-to-one adult English foreign teachers' institutions do not need to spend site fees, utilities, transportation fees, etc.