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    3. 公司新聞



        Reciting the text can promote children to read more and read aloud. In that way, it is particularly important to have a good sense of English language for children. What should we pay attention to when memorizing English?


        1、 Listen first and then imitate


        Reciting the text is one of the more reasonable ways to train oral English. The first thing to pay attention to before reciting is to learn how to imitate the language. First listen to how the authentic original audio sounds, and keep listening until you can imitate it very much.


        2、 Understand the text


        First understand the meaning of the text, and then recite it on this basis. If it is the method of reading dead books, the actual effect is not very good. Before reciting, you should first clarify the content of the management center of the article, so that it is interesting to recite.


        3、 The articles you recite should be typical and pure


        Memorizing articles will generally have a long memory, which will do some harm to learning English in the middle and later stages. Therefore, we should choose these authentic, typical and pure articles, and symbolic articles to enrich the children's language materials.


        4、 From easy to difficult, from short to long, from shallow to deep

        背課文是較為艱辛的全過程,最初能夠 先從兩三句剛開始,創建自信心和興趣愛好。切忌貪大求全,想一口吃個大胖子的念頭是不好的。只有慢慢的來,慢慢地了解背課文的招數才會愈來愈非常容易。

        Reciting the text is a difficult whole process. At first, we can start with two or three sentences to create self-confidence and interests. Don't be greedy for perfection. It's not good to want to stutter a fat man. Only slowly, slowly understand the tricks of reciting the text will be more and more easy.


        5、 Review immediately and repeat constantly

        背的課文內容要多去重復習,據科學研究而言一般反復的物品到28遍才可以緊緊記牢,但并并不是規定每章文章都那樣,假如隨背隨忘都不應當了。而記憶力最有效的方式便是多反復,立即復習。把一篇背得熟爛比十篇背的不了解的好些許多 。因此反復和復習是十分必需的方式。

        The content of the text to be recited should be reviewed more. According to scientific research, generally repeated items can be remembered tightly only 28 times, but it is not stipulated that every chapter is like that. If you recite and forget, you should not. The most effective way to remember is to repeat and review immediately. It's better to memorize one than to memorize ten. Therefore, repetition and review are very necessary.