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    3. 公司新聞



        Business English refers to the language widely used by the staff and management of foreign-related enterprises and other higher business people in their work. Therefore, many people will choose to use the Internet to learn business English. So how to learn business English on the foreign teachers' website?


        1. Oral English learning


        The ultimate goal of any oral English learning is to express it and apply it to real life. If we can not achieve the purpose of communication, it goes against the essence of English learning. Oral English is a very important part of business English learning. You can use the video materials on the Internet for pronunciation training, actively imitate and read aloud until you master them.


        2. Dictation learning


        There are a lot of business English learning resources in cyberspace. You can choose some representative English audio, websites, etc. to listen to and watch video materials for listening training. After you are familiar with it, you can do dictation. You can listen to one sentence and write one sentence, or you can dictate all of them directly. Repeated down, for business English learning, improve business English level is very helpful.


        3. Reading learning


        A lot of reading is also essential for business English learning. In the network environment, business English reading materials are more abundant and more widely used. Through a large number of business English reading, can effectively improve the comprehensive ability of business English learning. It is also helpful to enlarge vocabulary, cultivate language sense and understand social reality.